Rajma Chawal INK

MOGAMBO & the Pursuit of Happyness

Bollywood Villains Project

Episode 1

India was still a Closed Economy, known as the Licence Raj. Every film had the same typical ending. The villains were all the same - enterprising businessmen who had had enough of the bureuacracy and the 'system'. In such an unfriendly start-up economy, one entrepreneur took a bold step forward...   Workers, service-staff, children, everyone was happy! And investors too!This unique trickle-down economy of Happyness depended upon the one single man...


“MOGAMBO…” is a comic by Nishant Jain (RajmaChawal INK), with guru-kripa of BAKARMAX.

This comic is part of the #BollywoodVillainsProject.

The next story is VICCCKKKY, a Bakarmax tribute to 90s Bollywood!

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